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Blessed Sacrament rosary bracelet

Annemarie Chlebeck on Dec 27th 2017

I got this rosary bracelet for a very petite granddaughter who loves the color purple. I hope she will like It!

Very Special & Convenient

Lydia on Sep 7th 2017

How convenient is it that this prayer is on a bracelet that are for little ones before they're able to receive the Eucharist? As a mom who has so much to grab and do before Mass, it's convenient to know I can grab her chewable bracelet that has a short (yet powerful) prayer that I can pray with her after I receive the Eucharist! These Chews Life products are more than just a "teething toy"... They allows our children to be surrounded by our faith. The combination of safe products both spiritually and physically is so greatly appreciated! I purchased the purple one. Color combo is great and the detail is amazing!