We are excited to introduce our NEW line of Stretch & Wrap Rosary Bracelets! This bracelet, named after Saint Teresa of Calcutta, is made of a combination of glossy and matte sodalite gemstones, strung on the most durable elastic cord. The bracelet comes with the (re)movable prayer "bookmark" charm if you'd like to keep track of your rosary as you pray throughout the day. 

The Calcutta style bracelet comes in two sizes: small and medium. The small size contains a full five decades, but omits the first Our Father and three Hail Mary beads. The medium size is a full rosary with all decades and the beginning Our Father and Hail Mary beads. The small cross on the bracelet may vary in color and shape.

The medium has an inner circumference of approximately 6.75" when wrapped twice around the wrist, and the large has an inner circumference of approximately 7.25". 

While this quality bracelet is strung on the most durable elastic we could find, it is not covered under the Chews Life lifetime repair or replacement guarantee. This bracelet is not a teething toy and should be kept out of the reach of babies and small children. 

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