Classic red, orange, yellow, green, and sky blue Hail Mary beads with cream Our Father beads make for a very happy rosary!

Our soft rosaries feature: 

  • Our own chewy cross and saint medal
  • Sturdy organic cotton cord
  • Snap clasp for safe release
  • FDA-certified, food-grade silicone
  • Lifetime guarantee
  • Artisan-made in Michigan, USA
Classic Rainbow Chews Life Soft Rosary <p><span>Classic red, orange, yellow, green, and sky blue Hail Mary beads with cream Our Father beads make for a very happy rosary!</span></p> <p>Our soft rosaries feature:&nbsp;</p> <ul> <li>Our own chewy cross and saint medal</li> <li>Sturdy organic cotton cord</li> <li>Snap clasp for safe release</li> <li>FDA-certified, food-grade silicone</li> <li>Lifetime guarantee</li> <li>Artisan-made in Michigan, USA</li> </ul>
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Marvellous product

Betty on Aug 5th 2018

My favourite gift ever. It is useful, fun and a great evangelisation tool. Love it more than words can say and so does my daughter.

Best ever!

Gina on Jul 12th 2018

My baby loves it! It’s the longest chewy ever, plus appropriate for church and pretty much anywhere. I like that the clasp comes apart so easily too. No worries about any choking.

Great quality!

Abbey.kaler@gmail.com on Sep 19th 2017

Great quality! Love the colors!

Classic Chews Life Rosary Pleases

Don on Sep 9th 2017

Gave as a gift; recipient was very impressed with organic materials, non-bpa plastic, craftswomanship and construction of the rosary. Very pleased!

Great Gift!

Shayla on Jul 28th 2017

Our Chews Life Rosary is great for getting us through our teething times! We also think it's a great gift for all our baby friends! I've started a small stock of them just so I'm ready for the next baby shower. ;)

Highly Recommend this Rosary!

Jul 24th 2017

We received this as a gift for our baby's baptism, and she adores it. We love it so much that we just gave one as a gift to our friend's baby for their baptism, and they love it as well!!! It's so sweet, and the baby's absolutely love it. Highly recommend! It's now my favorite baby gift to give!

Gorgeous and well made!

Annie L on Jun 13th 2017

Let's face it-- it's hard to find decent Catholic gifts for babies and toddlers, so when you find something great, it's worth shouting from the rooftops! This is one of those things. Not only is this rosary beautiful, but it's safe for little ones to chew on AND it has a lifetime warranty, so you can pass it down from child to child without fear... though they'll probably all want their own ;) A wonderful way to introduce devotion to Jesus through Our Blessed Mother to even the smallest members of our families. Get one for the little blessing in your life, you won't regret it!

Get one---NOW!

M on Apr 11th 2017

I have purchased several of these chew rosaries in various colors both for my child and as gifts. Their price is average for this type of product (sure you can find something at a lower price point but the quality might not be there). Others have attempted to duplicate this product, but the differences when buying from Chewslife are: the beautiful medal (miraculous or Saint Benedict), the nuby cross that will help soothe gums and provide great oral sensory input, the vast color options for beads (again, sure you can find somewhere that has more if you looked) and of course the astonishing lifetime guarantee! Oh and while I can't say other places don't have it, Chewslife has AMAZING (and quick) customer service! I enjoy letting baby join us in praying our rosary without the fears of her putting an unsuitable item in her mouth (as with EVERYTHING please only use under adult supervision!) all while knowing it will help foster a lifelong love of mediating on this important devotion! I cannot recommend these enough!