St. Charbel | Wood Paracord Rosary Bracelet - One Size | NEW!


St. Charbel | Wood Paracord Rosary Bracelet - One Size | NEW!

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St. Charbel was a humble hermit who made himself weak so that God would make him strong. Allow Christ to strengthen you through the daily praying of the Rosary! With our new men's paracord decade, you will have the rosary at hand in a sleek, adjustable, and durable design. Channel your inner monk as you recite the Rosary with Our Lady on your new Decade Rosary bracelet! 


Lord, infinitely Holy and Glorified in Your Saints,
You have inspired Charbel, the saint monk,
to lead the perfect life of a hermit.
We thank You for granting him the blessing
and the strength to detach himself from the world
so that the heroism of the monastic virtues of poverty,
obedience, and chastity,
could triumph in his hermitage.
We beseech You to grant us
the grace of loving and serving You,
following his example.
Almighty God, Who has manifested
the power of St. Charbel’s intercession
through his countless miracles and favours,
grant us …

[Mention your intention here]

through his intercession.


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