Lucia | Shepherd Kids Rosary
Lucia | Shepherd Kids Rosary
Lucia | Shepherd Kids Rosary
Lucia | Shepherd Kids Rosary


Lucia | Shepherd Kids Rosary

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Shepherd Kids Rosaries, named for the shepherd kids of Fatima, are Chews Life's perfect rosaries for our "big kids" ages 5-12. 

We noticed that there were very few resources for kids at the prime age to begin learning to pray the Rosary, and we wanted to give them something uniquely their own!

Shepherd Kids Rosaries are extremely tactile, because children learn through their senses! The soft silicone beads slide smoothly along the durable paracord, helping kids to count their Hail Marys as they go. The prayer cards are printed on nearly indestructible synthetic paper, that will endure years of repeated use. And it all comes with a canvas zip bag to carry their rosary gear, and any other small sacramentals, prayer cards, or accessories to take with them on the go. 

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