Melangell | Chews Life Decade Rosary | Autumn Exclusive

Melangell | Chews Life Decade Rosary | Autumn Exclusive

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Saint Melangell ( pronounced Mel-eng-eth) is a Welsh Saint. She was a hermit in the beautiful Welsh countryside where she had fled from her father who was an Irish King. She was discovered living there by the Prince who was out hunting hare. The scared hares fled from the dogs and prince right to the feet of the beautiful Melangell where they boldly turned and then faced the now silent dogs. There she told the Prince of her story and he being deeply moved gave to God and her parcels of land to be used a sanctuary to all that feld there. She build an abbey and died of old age and was buried at the neighboring church.  Saint Melangell is the patron saint of hares. 

This decade features our custom designed cross!

This small decade rosary is perfect for your favorite Catholic kid!  Made of soft, chewable food-grade silicone beads and strung on organic cotton cord, the decade is perfect solo, or as a compact companion to our full-size Chews Life Rosaries. 

The convenient snap clasp can be used to clip your decade rosary around something to keep it from getting tossed to the ground. Clip it to your baby carrier, stroller, swing, diaper bag, purse, and more!

This decade is designed to be tough, even after years of love! But accidents do happen, and your decade should be used only under adult supervision.