Soft and pretty peachy-coral tassels and mint beads combine in a trendy, fab and practical accessory for mama!  Babies might not follow trends, but they know that tassels + silicone beads = chewing and fiddling fun!  Sliding, chompable beads and soft, twiddly tassels are the perfect invitation to busy your little one.

 ~ Soft jersey tassels on a natural maple ring  

~ Chewable silicone beads on organic cotton cord  

~ Sliding knots at the back for adjustable length

**Please remember that this is an adult necklace! Do not allow a child to play with this unless it's being worn by an adult, as it could pose a choking or strangulation hazard. (For a teething toy that has been lab-certified for little ones, please see our Chews Life Rosaries and Decade Rosaries!)**

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Lydia on Jul 1st 2017

This exactly is what I've been looking for. It's easy to find necklaces for babies to play with but knowing how well these are made makes it all the better. It's high quality, really pretty and vibrant, and perfect for my daughter to play with! At first I thought the wooden piece would be too big but it looks fine and it's intended for her little fingers to grasp so it's perfect!