Shannon has been married to her husband, Zach since 2002 and they homeschool their 6 kids!  She is the founder of Chews Life and leads our growing team of 25+ women.  She started this company back in 2008, with just some left over beads!  We have grown year over year thanks to this team of talented, faithful women she's built and the excitement and support of the Catholic Women's community online and in person! 

Our mission at Chews Life is to equip all Catholics with Rosaries for LIFE!  Shannon's own life has been changed by the Rosary. In her talk titled, "I Belong to You", she details her journey from on fire college student to burned out newlywed mother of many, through a season of intense suffering into healing. 

After the loss of 3 babies in a row, she found herself in a dark place of PPD, feeling very angry at God.  Through a few small miracles, 1 very snarky prayer to the God she wasn't really talking to, and the gentle love of Our Blessed Mother, the Rosary helped heal her broken heart and lead her back to the love of Our Father.  God is doing his healing work within her still, and revealing the value of suffering and an understanding of why God calls those he loves to suffer.  Invite her to speak on this subject or any other related to suffering, loss, miscarriage, the power of the Rosary, or how not to end up feeling empty while in the trenches of early motherhood.

Shannon is also passionate about entrepreneurship and small business!  She and her husband Zach (also an entrepreneur), speak to groups of young adults about starting and growing their own small businesses.

Additionally, Shannon knows well the struggle to raise a holy, healthy family along side a growing business. In her talk, "A Balanced Life is a Myth", Shannon discusses the one thing everyone can do to keep it all together while maintaining sanity!

Shannon has been interviewed by a variety of Catholic and national secular media outlets. You can find links to those by clicking here.

To discuss scheduling, rates, and topics, call or text Shannon at 616-560-7579.