These cool blues and unique chewy Miraculous Medal bead will keep your little one happy while you rock your dress at Mass or your favorite jeans at the park!  This Mariana coordinates with our summer Americana line.

Chewable, sliding beads invite your little one to keep his fingers busy.

Chews Life Mama Necklaces are made of FDA-certified food-grade silicone and strung on natural-colored organic cotton cord.  Sliding knots at the back allow you to adjust the length.

**Please remember that this is an adult necklace! Do not allow a child to play with this unless it's being worn by an adult, as it could pose a choking or strangulation hazard. (For a teething toy that has been lab-certified for little ones, please see our Chews Life Rosaries and Decade Rosaries!)**

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Mama necklace

Sarah on Aug 25th 2018

I love having a few mama necklaces from ChewsLife. They are small enough for my 5 month ok'd to handle but made well enough not to worry about him chewing on them!


Lydia on Mar 13th 2018

Exactly what I was expecting and it’s beautiful! The Marianna pieces are my favorites!

Love this necklace!

Michelle on Mar 7th 2018

I recently completed a consecration to Jesus through Mary, and it is recommended that you wear a Miraculous Medal afterward. Unfortunately I have a very grabby seven month old, and he yanks and chews EVERYTHING he can reach, so I was hesitant to buy something that he would most likely yank off of me. I was so excited when I saw Bonnie Engstrom wearing this necklace and knew I had to get one. It is everything I hoped it would be, and baby boy just loves chewing on it and playing with it while nursing. Thank you!


Vanessa D on Aug 8th 2017

Absolutely wonderful!

Very nice!

Brittany on Jul 30th 2017

Love this necklace. A great way to wear my Miraculous Medal in a kid friendly way.

Product is beautifully and sturdily made. It's saving my expensive jewelry because now my daughter has something else to pull at and chew on. Not to mention, it can stand alone as a statement piece or causal wear. I think my 7 month old loves the tex

Natasha on Jul 29th 2017

I would definitely order again!

Chew necklace

Sara on Jul 25th 2017

I liked this more than I thought I would! (Even to wear without the purpose of baby chewing on it) it's beautiful and made well. My only question is...should we clean it and how?

Love them!

M on Apr 11th 2017

I have this style necklace in all four of the current color options. I purchased them all at once based on how they looked even though I usually like to try one and see how the product is before committing more money on something that might not be good in person. Well they do look lovely; less "chewlry" than other options but still not entirely "adult". Seeing as the purpose of the item is for a child to chew on it, it would be ridiculous to expect them to look less like silicone. That being said, this style does a fabulous job of combining visual appeal and practicality. So far the baby seems to find it soothing on her gums and is entertained while playing with it under my supervision. I love having the miraculous medal on it as it's an important symbol and I think everyone should have something with it. The only con with this necklace (and it's just me nit picking) is that the last bead moves and it tends to get caught in my hair therefore pulling it. Overall totally worth the purchase!