A much-requested design is now available! This beautiful Miraculous Medal pendant necklace features classic pearl and gold, making it perfect for dressing up or elevating the style of your everyday clothing.  Food-grade silicone makes it a perfect choice for those with a metal sensitivity.

Pearl and gold, with our unique chewy Miraculous Medal bead will keep your little one happy while you rock your new spring dress at Mass!

All the beads are FDA certified food-safe silicone and free of any harmful chemicals.  The cord is organic cotton with sliding knots for adjustable length.

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My Baby Loves This!

Alicia on Sep 6th 2018

Little Thomas is always more interested in grown-up things like power cords and necklaces than in any toy that I give him. I'm so glad to finally have found something that he both wants to chew on and CAN chew on! He loves every inch of this necklace, I feel pretty wearing it, and I'm so grateful for the reminder of the Blessed Virgin throughout the day.


Christine C on Jul 22nd 2018

This necklace is so pretty in person. I love the way that the gold and pearl beads shimmer. This necklace goes with everything, and I love the adjustable back that allows me to make it longer or shorter. It's definitely a beautiful and meaningful statement piece that my little loves to chew!

beautiful necklace, perfect for mamas

Anna B on Dec 12th 2017

I already loved this necklace because it shares a name with my oldest daughter, Marianna, but when I received it in person, I loved it even more. It's very elegant, which I haven't found in other mama necklaces. My newborn daughter is always grabbing onto my necklaces, so I really like that when she reaches for this one, it's sturdy, safe for her to touch, and stylish for me. It's even lovelier in person and is now one of my favorite necklaces.

Mariana in Pearl & Gold

Laura on Nov 27th 2017

I gave this to my daughter-in-law that is expecting in January and has a two year old. She was thrilled and thought it was a great idea!

Love this necklace!

Amy C on Sep 5th 2017

I love wearing a Miraculous Medal, and this one allows my twins to pull and chew on it safely without breaking it. The white and gold necklace is beautiful!

Timeless classic

Courtney on Aug 16th 2017

I adore this necklace. I had buying a mama necklace on my to-do list since my little one has gotten grabby and this is absolutely perfect. He loves to hold it and I'm not worried about when he puts it in his mouth. The colors and simplicity make it a necklace I can wear when I'm hanging out in a t-shirt and jeans or dressing nice for an evening out.


Lydia on Jul 1st 2017

These colors are beautiful and will go with anything! So excited to wear this and not worry about my little girl breaking it. The string is so sturdy. The string is able to be loosened or tightened and it's so simple to do! So glad I bought this. Already thinking about what other ones I can buy!