Fancy Jasper Ave beads and purple lava Pater beads make a lovely and deep multi-color bracelet.

Our Rosary Bracelets:

  • are beaded on stainless steel memory wire, guaranteed to hold its shape;
  • feature a movable crucifix charm that acts like a bookmark, keeping your place; 
  • are a beautiful, tactile piece that is right at hand to remind you to bring your day to Our Lady.

Like all our other products, our rosary bracelets carry a lifetime repair or replacement guarantee.

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Our Lady of Lourdes rosary bracelet /fancy Casper with lava beads

Annemarie Chlebeck on Aug 5th 2018

This is a really beautiful rosary bracelet, beautiful colors in the beads. It is going to be a gift for my daughter-in-law and I am hoping she will love it.

Jasper...so beautiful!

Dana on Jul 9th 2017

I've never had such a beautiful bracelet! I love the cool feel of the stones as well as the weight of the bracelet. My wrist is a little larger because I'm a plus sized gal but the bracelet fits very well. It doesn't dig into my wrist & sits comfortably on my arm all day. I love looking down at my arm throughout the day & seeing my rosary. And being able to keep track of my prayers with the movable charm is an amazing feature. I'm very pleased with my purchase.


Jen on Dec 20th 2015

Such a beautiful piece, that after I purchased one for my mom...I had to purchase one for myself. :)

Beautiful and Wonderfully Crafted

Andrea on Sep 24th 2014

The craftsmanship of this rosary bracelet is exceptional and done with care. As an example, the wire is triple wrapped around the charm so that it will not come loose. My favorite thing about this bracelet are the imperfections and variations of the beads. As I pray, I can stare at each bead and reflect on the beauty of God differently with each bead because each one is unique. The bracelet is comfortable and does not dig into any part of my wrist. And while it is delicate as anything of this type will be, I am confident wrapping and unwrapping it from my wrist without breaking it. Thank you for making such a fine, lovely piece of jewelry with which to wear and pray!