• Week 1 (July 1st - 7th): BOGO 40% OFF on all Catholic accessories and apparel all week long plus a new apparel launch!  

  • Week 2 (July 8th - 14th): BOGO 40% OFF Silicone products all week long plus two new silicone product launches! 

  • Week 3 (July 15th - 21st): BOGO 40% OFF on all Gemstone products all week long plus a new gemstone launch!

  • Week 4 (July 22nd - 31st): Surprise flash sales all week long plus two new surprise product launches! 

Why isn't my freebie isn’t showing up in my cart?

Friday Freebies are automatically added to your order and will not be visible in your cart.

What is Chews Life Stocking Stuffer Cash?

For orders over $100, we'll send you a SUPRISE Stocking Stuffer cash coupon redeemable Aug1- Aug 31, on a future purchase.

Can I use my discount code or reward points?

Discount codes and reward points cannot be used on top of sales and promotions.

How long will my order take to ship?

Your order should arrive in about 5-7 days considering the holiday weekend. Outside of a holiday weekend it should only take 3-5 days.

Can I pick my freebie? 

Our freebies change every Friday and colors are chosen at random. Due to the high quantity of orders coming in, you cannot pick your freebie, but know that they are all great and the surprise will be fun!

I didn’t realize the Friday freebies were just one day. Can I still get the freebie added to my order?

We’re sorry you missed out on Friday Freebies. These are a one-day-only promotion for orders of over $60.

What is "Freebie Friday"?

Every Friday, we will be sweeting the deal for one day only by adding a freebie to your order when your order hits $60! We will announce a new freebie each week. If you spend $100, you will get a freebie + a "Stocking Stuffer" in the form of Chews Life Cash, that you can use at a later purchase!

What is "Wednesday LIVE"?

Join us LIVE in the app or on social media for some fun games where you can earn prizes! Stay tuned for more details to come.