What is a Rosary Family?

A Rosary Prayer Group is exactly what it sounds like but so much more. Imagine, this. A group of the people closest to you (think family, women's group, life long friends, college roommates, you get the idea) gathered together, each individual with prayers and petitions in hand, hearts open eager to unite their prayers together in the Rosary (and lets be honest eager to socialize.) Praying with others takes vulnerability. To share in the joys and sufferings of each other. Rosary Prayer Groups are the intentional place to enter into prayer with the community around you. 

What's included in the Hostess Packet?

Leadership Tools
Tips on how to prepare in order to feel confident in hosting your Rosary Family. 
How To Host Guide
Everything you need to feel prepared to host, from content to print to refreshment Ideas, to a helpful socialization guide! Once signed up below, we'll mail you a small hostess giveaway bundle of prayer post cards and stickers to share with those in your Rosary Family.
Fun Ideas
Fun Ideas to incorporate into your Rosary Family. From virtual Adoration to building a prayer bouquet! 

Why Should I host a Rosary Family?

Essential For
Spiritual Growth
Did you know it only takes on average 25 minutes to pray the Rosary? Did you also know that 20 minutes only accounts for less than 2% of the day? The only way we can hear Christ is to listen, and the best ways to do that is in prayer. Hosting a Group helps you to start to regularly devote that 2% or more of your day in prayer to Jesus through his Mother, Our Heavenly Mother Mary. 
Community Building
The Lord God said, “It is not good for the man to be alone. I will make a helper suitable for him.” While this is in reference to Adam and Eve in the book of Genesis it is also a good reminder for all of us that we too are not meant to be alone.  Whether you pray with family, or friends hosting a group is a great way to begin cultivating your Rosary Family and community while being rooted in prayer! 

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