We're Hiring

Chews Life is looking for part-time help! Chews life is a West Michigan owned company with the mission to equip all Catholics with Rosaries for life! We are in pursuit of those who believe in our mission.
Local Positions in Grand Rapids, Michigan
To apply, please email your resume to help@chewslife.com

Rosary Kit Packer

We are looking for individuals interested in the Rosary Kit Packer role for a part-time period of two weeks each quarter. 

This role will include using our inventory software, Fishbowl, to track each new shipment of beads, packing these beads into kits for our Rosary Makers, and storing them by SKU in Bins to then be given to Rosary Makers at a later date. 

This is a 1099 Independent contractor position.

This position would require the following skills:

  • General math knowledge (formula following, & weighing)
  • Technology awareness
  • An ability to do repetitive packaging work 
  • Able to lift up to 20lbs

Job Tasks:

  • Use *Fishbowl software to Inventory new shipments each quarter. 
  • Pack Silicone and Gemstone kits by shipment based on shipment SKU Allocations. 
  • Store packed kits in on shelves based on SKU’s 
  • Re-allocates returned beads & materials into kits

Estimated Time Commitment: 1x a Quarter- 2x 20 Hour Weeks

Wage: Hourly wage will be discussed upon interest

*Training on packing and software is available for those who are interested in this position. 

To apply, please email your resume to help@chewslife.com