Henriette Decade Bracelet | Summer Exclusive | Medium
Henriette Decade Bracelet | Summer Exclusive | Medium


Henriette Decade Bracelet | Summer Exclusive | Medium

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This lovely Rosary decade bracelet is made with Snow Quartz and Magnesite beads.  The bracelet is named after Venerable Mother Henriette Díaz DeLille.

Born March 11 1813 in New Orleans Louisiana. Her mother was a free woman of color and her father was from France. In 1836 she founded a small unrecognized congregation or order of nuns, which she named as the Sisters of the Presentation. The original members consisted of DeLille, seven other young Creole women, and a young French woman. They cared for the sick, helped the poor, and instructed free 

and enslaved children and adults. They took into their home some older women who needed more than visitation and thereby opened America's first Catholic home for the elderly. In 1837, Father Etienne Rousselon of New Orleans secured the new congregation's formal recognition from the Holy See. DeLille took the title of Mother in the order. In 1842, the congregation changed its name to the Sisters of the Holy Family. Henriette DeLille continued a life of service to the poor of New Orleans. Mother Henriette died in 1869 at the age of 49. The Sisters of the Holy Family remain active today. Its 96 members serve the poor by operating free schools for children, nursing homes, and retirement homes in New Orleans and Shreveport, Louisiana; Washington, D.C; Galveston, Texas; Little Rock, Arkansas; and California in the US; and a mission in Belize. She was declared venerable by Pope Benedict VI in 2010.

While this quality bracelet is strung on the most durable elastic we could find, it is not covered under the Chews Life lifetime repair or replacement guarantee. This bracelet is not a teething toy and should be kept out of the reach of babies and small children. 

*Crucifix and Medal style may vary

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