Hope Began - Prayer Promise Bracelet - Mint & Bronze

Hope Began - Prayer Promise Bracelet - Mint & Bronze

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Our hope began with an unplanned pregnancy.

We need to create a culture where women feel so loved and supported that abortion ceases to be an option.

These intercessory prayer bracelets are one small way that we can let women in crisis know that they are loved and that they are being prayed for every single day!

These simple wooden bracelets are strung on strong elastic cord.  When you purchase one, we will donate 2 more to crisis pregnancy centers and to sidewalk counselors.

Your bracelet is your commitment to pray daily for every other woman who has these bracelets.  And for the women who receive these as a gift, it is a reminder that there are other women across the country who love them and are lifting them up every single day. 

These bracelets are also for women who are in a time of suffering, and need hope and prayer.  Women suffering the loss of a baby, with infertility, suffering the loss of an adoption, struggling to care for someone with special needs or illness.  The list of women in need is endless.  We all need each other! 

Share these bracelets with women in your life who need to know, they are never alone. 

Wear these bracelets, uplift women, bring them daily to the Heart of Christ, where we are one.


Lifetime guarantee does not apply to Hope Began bracelets.