Imelda | Girl's First Holy Communion Decade Bracelet
Imelda | Girl's First Holy Communion Decade Bracelet
Imelda | Girl's First Holy Communion Decade Bracelet
Imelda | Girl's First Holy Communion Decade Bracelet


Imelda | Girl's First Holy Communion Decade Bracelet

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Celebrate the First Holy Communion of a special child in your life with this beautiful gemstone decade Rosary Bracelet! This is the perfect faith-filled gift to commemorate this most sacred Sacrament. 

This bracelet features Morganite and white Howlite beads.  Designed for small wrists, this bracelet has an inner circumference of approximately 6 inches.

This bracelet is named for Blessed Imelda Lambertini.  Born in the year 1322, Imelda was the daughter of a noble family in Bologna, Italy.  Taught and shown the faith very well by her parents, Imelda had a deep love for Christ starting at a young age.  When she was nine years old, she asked her parents if she could go and live at the nearby Dominican convent.  Sad to let her leave them, her parents let her go nonetheless.  The Dominican sisters welcomed her.  Imelda was overjoyed with living in the convent.  However, there was one thing that Imelda still wanted:  to receive the Eucharist.  At that time, First Communion was not received until about the age of 15.  Imelda desired to receive her First Communion so deeply and requested it many times.  Her request was repeatedly denied.  She continued to desire Christ so intensely and this led to a very deep relationship with Him.  On the vigil of the Feast of the Ascension, Imelda once again begged to receive her First Communion but was denied.  After Mass ended and one of the nuns was clearing the altar, she heard a noise.  The noise drew her attention to where Imelda was kneeling with a bright light over her head.  As the nun focused, she realized it was a consecrated Host floating above Imelda.  The Chaplain was summoned immediately and when he beheld the scene, he knew what he must do.  He gave Imelda her First Communion.  Imelda knelt in thanksgiving and was left to pray in thanksgiving for hours.  Finally, the prioress decided that Imelda ought to end her prayer and come to breakfast.  When Imelda was touched, they realized that she had died.  A smile remained on her face.  Imelda had died of ecstacy (pure joy) upon receiving that which she desired most:  the Body of Christ.

Imelda is known as one of the Patrons of First Communicants.

This is not a teething toy, and should be kept out of reach of babies and very young children

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