Penance | Purple Stretch & Wrap Rosary Bracelet | Small & Medium
Penance | Purple Stretch & Wrap Rosary Bracelet | Small & Medium
Penance | Purple Stretch & Wrap Rosary Bracelet | Small & Medium
Penance | Purple Stretch & Wrap Rosary Bracelet | Small & Medium

Life Rox (gemstones)

Penance | Purple Stretch & Wrap Rosary Bracelet | Small & Medium

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Imagine having a rosary bracelet that goes with everything you own, along with being a perfect companion during Lent and Advent. 

It's unique and stunning.

Let this beautiful purple bracelet be a daily reminder not only to pray the rosary and to always prepare your heart for the Lord. Wait for Him. Seek Him. Prepare your heart.
This beautiful gemstone rosary bracelet features:

  • Amethyst beads as the paters and purple Aquaterra beads as the aves.
  • Each of our stretch and wrap rosary bracelets is a full rosary. 
  • Small rosary bracelets do not include the first three aves.
  • Each bracelet also includes a “bookmark” crucifix medal. 
  • This medal is moveable and can help you keep track of where you are at in your rosary as you pray throughout your day.
  • Each bracelet is strung on durable elastic making it easy to stretch and wrap around your wrist without fear of snapping it.

In Christianity, the color purple connotes penance, humility, melancholy, and waiting.
In Mass, we see this color during Advent, Lent, and funerals. However, we also see it in the Sacrament of Reconciliation during which the priest wears a purple stole. 




Customer Reviews

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Jenn W
Beautiful rosary

I am loving my new Penance rosary bracelet! I like that the pater beads are slightly bigger in comparison the size of the paters on the Gianna stretch and wrap that I have- I like the contrast to the Ave beads. It was a bit tighter to start than my other stretch and wrap (the beads don’t move much when unwrapped to hold/pray) but after a week or so if wearing it, it is stretching a bit and comfortable on my wrist.
My kiddos and others have complimented on the beautiful purple color.
Happy Customer here!

Francine Galassi

The penance rosary bracelet is beautiful! I am enjoying it! Thank you!!!


The colors are beautiful, but I’m disappointed that the stones are very small the bracelet too, I have 4 other ones and the penance it’s very small compared to the other ones.

Amanda Helling
I have many

I have at least five of these amazing rosary bracelets. This one however came strung too tightly. So it’s tighter on me than the others which triggers carpal tunnel issues. But it’s beautiful.

Susie J
Can’t find the right size

I own several rosary bracelets in medium, but they are a little too loose, so I ordered a small this time, but it is too tight. I wish there wasn’t such a big difference between smalls and mediums. I absolutely love the colors. It’s a beautiful bracelet.