Pierre Mama Necklace | Spring Exclusive | Limited Edition


Pierre Mama Necklace | Spring Exclusive | Limited Edition

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This Mama Necklace is named after Blessed Pierre Toussaint.

Chews Life Mama Necklaces feature:

  • Organic cotton cord
  • Chewy food-grade FDA-certified silicone beads, easy for little fingers to slide or chomp
  • Slider knots for adjustable length

This beautiful Mama Necklace is named after Bl. Pierre Toussaint.  Born on June 27, 1766, in modern-day Haiti, Pierre Toussaint was born a slave. In 1787, Pierre with four other slaves was take to New York City. Pierre was then apprenticed to one of New York's leading hairdressers. As a very popular hairdresser among New York society's upper echelon, Toussaint earned a good living. Eventually, Pierre was freed. On August 5, 1811, Toussaint married Juliette Noel, a slave 20 years younger than he, after purchasing her freedom. They adopted Euphemia, the daughter of his late sister Rosalie who had died of tuberculosis. They provided for her education and music classes. Together, the Toussaints began a career of charity among the poor of New York City. Toussaint attended daily Mass for 66 years at St. Peter's in New York. In their own home, the Toussaints sheltered orphans and fostered numerous young boys. Toussaint supported them in getting an education and learning a trade. They also organized a credit bureau, an employment agency, and a refuge for priests and needy travelers. Also, Toussiant frequently helped many new immigrants coming from Haiti. He was "renowned for crossing barricades to nurse quarantined cholera patients" during an epidemic in New York. Toussaint gave in so many ways.  Go here to learn even more about his incredibly generous life.  

Once the Holy See gave approval for the cause of Toussaint's canonization, his grave was located and his remains were transferred to the crypt of St. Patrick's Cathedral, which serves as the seat of the Archbishop of New York. Toussaint was the first layman to be honored by burial in the crypt below the main altar of St. Patrick’s Cathedral. The crypt is normally reserved for bishops of the Archdiocese of New York. 

Please remember that this is an adult necklace! Do not allow a child to play with this unless it's being worn by an adult, as it could pose a choking or strangulation hazard.

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