St. Therese Sacrifice Beads Bracelet

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St. Therese is famous for her Little Way of holiness.  She used every opportunity she could find to make small sacrifices to offer to God.  As a child, she was encouraged by her mother, St. Zelie, to offer acts of love and service to God.  She was given a string of beads to help her keep track of her daily good deeds.  Each time she would perform a good deed, she would "pull a bead". 

This is a simpler version of St. Therese's string of beads!  You can use the movable Miraculous Medal charm on this bracelet to count your sacrifices on the 10 larger snow quartz beads.  Each time you offer your act of love, move your charm over 1 quartz bead!

These snow quartz beads are separated by amethyst chips and are strung on stainless steel memory wire, guaranteed to always keep it's shape!