"As the Father has sent me, so I send you.” -John 20:21-

     Through the 9 months of ministry I spent with NET, I have seen lives change. I have witnessed the awesome power of the Lord as He breathes life back into a hurting and broken people. There are thousands of youth who need to be reached again, in these next 9 months!

     NET has been a beautiful way to be on the front lines, fighting for our young people. The truth is, that I need your help. I am asking you to help and to partner with me in reaching out with the Lord's hands.



      In partnership with Chews Life, I've created 3 unique rosary designs. With several donation options, you can determine exactly how you are called to give. You can find links to those products here! If you are looking to partner with me in this mission and to place a donation instantly, you can do exactly that at NetUsa.org 

       Our young people have never needed the gospel more, thank you for considering to support me as I fight to proclaim it to the masses!