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Please note, effective October 27, 2022 we decided as a company to no longer accept PayPal a method of payment. 

Thank you for your continued support of Chews Life! 

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What are your typical processing and shipping times?
We try to ship orders the same or next day. During the holidays and other busy seasons( Christmas and Easter), fulfillment will take longer than the standard 1-2 business days to fulfill. Our warehouse uses USPS, UPS, and standard First Class shipping times apply. All U.S Domestic orders over $50 qualify for free, USPS First Class shipping in the US. Currently, USPS shipping times are a little slower than usual. Also, we have noticed inconsistencies in their tracking. Regarding the arrival date of your order, the most reliable date is the one initially provided to you on your shipping confirmation. Once a product is shipped from our warehouse, we do not have any control over the carrier's delivery schedule. Pease note that shipping times are not guaranteed, as they are no longer guaranteed by carriers.

*Please make sure before placing an order that you verify your shipping address is correct, while not a guarantee this will help with preventing delays with your order.*

Do you ship outside of the United States?
Yes! We ship worldwide. However, due to current shipping inconsistencies, we are not offering any free shipping options for international orders. Also, please note that some countries add additional fees for customs. We are not privy to these fees and have no way to control them. These additional fees are not paid to Chews Life, but to your country's government.
       Please note: we currently do not provide free shipping to anywhere but inside the United States.

I entered the incorrect mailing address for shipping? 
If you caught this within hours of placing your order please message customer service with your order # and correct mailing address. We will do our best to change it prior to fulfillment but cannot guarantee that we will be able to. If your order has already been fulfilled, we are unable to cover a replacement orders until the original order is sent back to us. We will wait for your original package to return to us before re shipping the products. Once received we will send an invoice to cover the reshipment and then will send your order as soon as the invoice is paid.

Part of my order is a gift...  
Can you split an order among multiple shipping addresses and still get free shipping? 
Sorry, in order to keep shipping FREE on all orders over $70, we only ship to one address per order at this time.

Can I include a personal note?
Yes! When the gift is added to the cart, there is a spot to add a note. That note will be included in the package.

Can you remove the price from the order?
Yes, if the order is a gift we do not include the packing slip with the shipment.

Where is my order being shipped from?
We are proud to provide our own fulfillment in our hometown of Grand Rapids, Michigan.  

I received my shipment and there is a problem with my order.  Who do I contact?
Although we are always improving our processes and systems, mistakes do happen! We will try making any shipping errors right, so please contact Customer Service in the 'Chat with us' feature with your order number and we will work towards a solution with you! 
I don't live in the U.S., am I responsible for paying the Duty Fees?
Yes, please visit the U.S. Customs and Border Protection website for more detailed information. You can find the website's quick-link here.
With what materials are your teething products made?
We use food-grade, BPA-free, formaldehyde free, lead free and phthalates free silicone beads, strung on organic cotton cord.  Our beads are tested for impurities, and our rosaries are safety-tested in a third-party lab.  

Do the Chews Life Rosaries pose a choking hazard?
Safety is our top priority at Chews Life. Our Chews Life products are made with a safety snap clasps that have a safe release when tugged. Our rosaries have been third-party safety-tested, and are CPSIA-certified. However, please note that while these products are made to be safe and durable, they  not recommended for children over 3 years of age and should only be used under adult supervision.

What is the best way to wash my Chews Life Silicone products?
We recommend a damp microfiber cloth for cleanups with a non-abrasive soap and hanging to dry! When necessary you may use a natural alcohol based hand sanitizer. We do not recommend putting them in the dishwasher, to prevent excessive wear on the organic cotton cord. Avoid prolonged exposure to water so as not to wear down the cord. Boiling it and submerging the rosary or other silicone bead item gets the cord soaked through inside the beads and both of which are not able to dry properly. 

I love St. (enter Saint name here)!  Do you have plans to add this medal to your collection soon?
Maybe! We are able to create new medals approximately once per year.  When we do, we will be polling our fans to see which medals are most wanted! Stay tuned--we're always looking at expanding our medal collection!  

What are the sizes/circumferences of the Saint Bracelets/Soft Rosary/Soft Decade?

Our soft saint bracelets  have five beads plus a small accent bead on each side of the Medal, with an inner circumference of approximately 6". It offers a close fit on a 6" wrist, and is designed for ages 2 and up approximately.

Our full soft rosary is approximately 50cm long and approximate circumference of 65cm.

Our soft decade (not mini) is approximately 15cm long and approximate circumference of 18cm.

Where do you get your beads?  Can I order just the cross/medal?
Our medals and crosses are custom made for Chews Life. We do not give out our manufacturer/distribution information. You may see that the crosses and some of the medals are actually stamped with our company name, because of this, we also do not sell the components separately. We are proud of our strict safety standards and we want to make sure that every product that carries our company name is hand-made by one of our artisans. If you choose to shop with us for the little ones in your life, you can be assured that all of our products are made with high-quality components. They all carry a lifetime repair or replacement guarantee -- that's how much we believe in them!  

Isn't chewing on the Rosary/Cross or religious items sacrilegious and disrespectful?
We don't think so, and here's why. For our little ones, taste is their strongest sense, so putting things in their mouth is the best way for them to learn about something. It’s no accident that they put EVERYTHING in their mouths. So by creating a Rosary that is meant to be experienced this way, we can begin to teach our little ones about the faith! They also will get physical comfort in using this for teething pain and will grow up associating the rosary with comfort. And as they get older, they will certainly grow out of chewing on it, but will continue loving it just as much! Also, we're 100% certain that the baby Jesus chewed on Our Lady’s fingers, hair, mantle... and if she held your little one, she would delight in them doing the same.
With what materials are your gemstone products made?
We use semi-precious gemstones strung on stainless steel memory wire (for bracelets) or flexible wire (for rosaries and decades).Our replacement crucifix and miraculous medal charms are zinc alloy with a silver oxidized finish, and contain no nickel. 

I have smaller/larger than average wrists. Will your rosary bracelets fit me?
Yes! The memory wire is completely adjustable and maintains its shape however you mold it. We guarantee you’ll find a comfortable fit, regardless of your wrist size. To stretch the wire, just pull the ends apart from each other; to make the coil smaller, simply twist the ends in opposite directions to tighten the coil.  

Can I exchange items in the box for something else on the store?
LIFE Box listings are exclusive and limited content, we cannot exchange for other items.

Where are your products made?
All of our products (except our bibs, crib shoes and teethers) are assembled by loving hands in Grand Rapids, Michigan.  

Who makes your products?
Chews Life Makers are local Catholic women, many of whom are stay-at-home moms.  Chews Life enables many women to provide extra income to help support their families.  Women’s work with Chews Life helps support Catholic school tuition, ballet classes, SAT preparation, care for an elder parent, Christmas gifts,  home additions, car repairs, and much more!    

How many employees do you have?
There are currently nine managing employees (including Shannon, the owner) and over 20 makers.  

Rewards and Discounts: 
Please note that when we have an automatic discount applied to cart, reward codes cannot be applied. 

My child's rosary/bracelet broke!  Can it be repaired?
Absolutely! If a product becomes damaged, discontinue use and contact us below in the 'chat with us feature' so we can work out a repair or replacement solution for you. Our silicone products do have a lifetime guarantee that covers most situations for repair. However, exceptions to this guarantee are items that have been submerged in water, cut with household tools or chewed by an older child or pet. For those exceptions, please reach out and we can work out a discounted replacement option. 

Gemstone repairs/or replacements are guaranteed for defective products, within 30 days of purchases.  Beyond that time frame a $10 repair/replacement fee will cover all other issues.  

My rosary was cut with scissors/run over by a car/chewed up by our dog.  Can you still fix it?
This happens more often than you’d imagine! We offer these repairs for a small repair fee of $10, including return shipping. Message us in the 'Chat with us feature' with your order number and a picture of the item and we'll get it fixed for you!  

I lost my rosary bracelet charm!  Can I get a new one?
You bet--you can purchase charms on our website HERE
Pro tip: Be sure to always clip your charm in the loop on the end of the bracelet, or after the first Pater bead. If clipped to the end on the small spacer bead, it can easily slide off during wear!

My Rosary bracelet arrived and the beads don't match 100% with the online photo, can I exchange it for the same bracelet but have you choose one that matches more? 
While you are more than welcome to exchange your bracelet in hopes of a different variation, we cannot guarantee or hand pick an alternate option that matches the photo online. All of our gemstone products are handmade and while we do follow a standard design for each bracelet, due to the natural variation of gemstone there will be slight variations.