Augustine was born in 354 in North Africa and while growing up in a devout Christian home he became an intellectual and atheist. He moved to Rome and founded a rhetoric school but soon grew tired of Rome and moved to Milan. It was here that he met Bishop Ambrose (now Saint Ambrose) who was a well known and gifted orator.  Bishop Ambrose held to the truth and didn’t indulge in flattery like others of that time and this greatly impressed Augustine. Bishop Ambrose was essential to the conversion of Augustine.  In 387 his mother’s prayers were answered and Bishop Ambrose baptized him. Reading Romans changed his life and after his mother’s death he returned to North Africa and founded a religious order. He was eventually ordained a priest and then the Bishop of Hippo. St. Augustine changed not only Catholicism with his many writings and homilies but also all of western philosophy.  St Augustine is a doctor of the church, he’s the patron Saint of brewers, printers and theologians and his feast day is August 28th.