This is Where Your Lenten Journey Begins...

Living in this “Valley of Tears” We are not immune from the sufferings of this world. We are surrounded by a society that wishes to see us crumble under a victim attitude, to live a life enslaved by our wounds. These forty-days with Our Lady will be the key to changing how we suffer, attain grace and work towards our sanctification. 

This journal is broken up into 4 different methods of reflection: 

1. Meditation: Lectio Divina. 

2. Analysis: The Stabat Mater, and ancient hymn of the Church 

3. Relating: Modern Day and Saint Stories. 

4. Reconstructing: Supplemental materials that will encourage you to develop a healthy Catholic view of suffering.

Structured around the Seven Sorrows of Our Lady, this Journal is a forty-day retreat with Our Lady into the depths of her Seven Sorrows. During this time we will enter into the school of Mary to ponder her sufferings, so we may learn to suffer with Her for the love of Her son. 


Includes your paperback Journal, Seven Sorrows Triple Wrap Rosary Bracelet and your membership to our Way of The Rosary Community.

The Way of The Rosary isn't just a membership community but a sisterhood of women looking to grow deeper in their love and relationship with Christ and Our Lady. By purchasing the Tier Three bundle you have the opportunity to join us on a journey to a deeper, more active prayer life! 

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 - Access to a private member's network: A space for discussion, prayer request.

 - Weekly Lunch & Learns: A time to discuss the things that you've been learning through prayer and the Journal.

 - Daily Community Prayer: Praying the Rosary at the start and end of each day with the community



The Tier One Bundle is your journal. Choose between two choices: paperback or download

About The Devotion

The devotion to the Queen of Martyrs also known as Our Lady of Sorrows was first taken as a devotion by the Servants of Mary (The Servite Order) as their principal devotion of their order in 1239. From this, the devotion was propagated through most of Europe and was well known by the late 16th Century.