All Chews Life products, from our gemstone rosary bracelets to our signature and best selling baby teething rosaries, are made by the loving hands of over 30 Catholic women in the Grand Rapids, Michigan area. Each bead is strung, every knot is tied, and all our products are quality checked and packaged in the homes of Catholic families striving to keep God as the center of their lives and share the Rosary with all. 

Chews Life was born of necessity when owner Shannon Wendt was expecting her fourth child. Shannon designed a nursing bracelet which featured the numbers of the clock and a moveable charm to help track nursing. Wanting to share this bracelet with other moms, Shannon launched the nursing bracelet on Etsy in 2008. The bracelet was soon joined by the Mama Necklace. A beautiful, but durable alternative to fine jewelry for mamas with teething and grabby little ones.

In 2014, the product line began to take on a more faith-filled intention. After a season of suffering, Shannon felt the Lord calling her back to the Rosary. However, with five kids, 20 quiet minutes to pray seemed slightly impossible. It was then that the Lord inspired the Rosary Bracelet with its signature movable “bookmark” crucifix charm. This charm is essentially a bookmark to hold one’s place in prayer. It allows anyone to gather those brief quiet moments scattered throughout the day to pray the whole rosary. 

2015 brought an important addition to the shop: Chews Life Soft Silicone Rosaries made their debut. These adorable, baby-safe, chewable soft rosaries were an instant hit and lead to other silicone products, including Chews Life Decade Rosaries and more Mama Necklaces. 

It is an incredible blessing that Chews Life continues to grow with eight women on the leadership team and over thirty women working as Makers. It is a such a joy that Chews Life products continue to bring the joy of the faith to so many homes.

Safety is our #1 priority. We are committed to offering products that are created with the highest quality components, have undergone 3rd party safety testing in a lab, and are CPSIA certified. Each piece is inspected for quality before packaging.