Chews Life has an amazing and supportive partnership with hundreds of brick-and-mortar shops across the country. 

This page is dedicated to ensuring our Wholesale Partners know the answers to some of our frequently asked questions. To apply to become a wholesale partner, please email


➤ Can I buy wholesale products and personal products with the same email?

No, we are sorry. The best way to think about it is mixing business with pleasure and when the two meet, it's a gray area for both of our businesses. You are not allowed to sell Chews Life products that are not on the wholesale list, and due to possible Tax exemptions, we only give wholesale discounts on certain products and not everything is eligible for both categories.

➤ Am I eligible for rewards or promotional discounts?

No, not under your wholesale email account you signed up for at least. As a wholesaler, you receive a 45% discount on our wholesale eligible products for reselling via your business. That is more generous than any occasional promotional discount we offer our retail customers. You are welcome (and encouraged) to sign up for rewards or discounts with your personal email address and use it for your personal purchases that are not associated with reselling in your store front.

➤ Why is there a $250 Minimum?

We require a $250 minimum order (a retail value of $455) to equip you with a substantial amount of products that will create a prominent, eye catching display, rather than just a couple products that might otherwise be overlooked. It is our goal to help you succeed at selling Chews Life products and we have found that a wider variety and noticeable set up draws customers in and encourages sales. 

➤ What does $250 worth of products look like?

$250 worth of products greatly depends on what you are buying, but to give you an idea of how much space you would need to plan for, about $150 worth of products are around 7 silicone baby rosaries and $250 worth of products are about 14 rosary bracelets.

➤ How is product pricing determined?

Chews Life products are made by the loving hands of over 30 Catholic women in the Grand Rapids, MI area. Each product is assembled using the highest quality components to ensure that you are receiving a great product. On top of that, they are evaluated at a third party testing facility to make sure they are safe for little hands and mouths. The prices of each item are carefully chosen so that all the hands involved in the process of getting these beautiful products to you are compensated fairly.

  • Discount: 45% discounted rate for standard wholesale buyers.
  • Minimums:  $250 minimum for the first order if you are not currently selling Chews Life products, and then $150 minimum.
  • Purchasing: We require all purchases to be made up front, but can discuss net terms depending on order size.
  • Where beads are made: (We do not give out our manufacturer or distribution information)
We use various manufacturers. Some are domestic and some are overseas. Our components come from many different places, but all of our items are hand made in Grand Rapids, MI by artisan Mothers!
  • Tax exempt: Our website automatically calculates tax when you place items into your cart, but once you type in your address and continue to check out the tax will be removed. 
  • Can we mark Chews Life products on sale? Chews life products can be included in store-wide sales but can not be marked down individually. The reason we have such strict policies on prices is so that we don't create competition within our own brand and so that we can protect our brand name and quality.
  • Can you decrease the minimum for me? We will gladly consider tailoring the required minimum to meet your needs, but first I'd like to clarify the reasons behind our minimum as well as ask you a few questions. One of the reasons we require a $250 minimum order is so that you are equipped with a substantial amount of products in order to create a prominent display that will be sure to catch your customers' eyes, rather than just a couple products that might otherwise be passed by. It is our goal to help you succeed at selling Chews Life products and we have found from experience that a wider variety and noticeable set up drastically encourages interest and sales. We hope to do all we can from our end to provide you with the inventory that will catch your customer’s attention and sell successfully. Limited space for inventory is a concern that has been brought up to us before so I want to point out that $250 worth of products takes up much less space than you may think. For example, we can fit $250 worth of our largest products (that’s 11 silicone rosaries)  in one 10in x 7in x 5in flat rate box. 
  • We do not do line sheets or purchase orders.