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These rosaries are perfect for your kids that are getting closer to using a traditional gemstone rosary, but are not quite there yet. The Shepherd Kid Rosaries are great because they feature some of those great qualities from our silicone rosaries like durability and soft texture. They also have that great feature of being quiet if dropped. One of our favorite features! How they’re different from our silicone rosaries is that they have smaller beads and have more the look of a traditional rosary.

Not suitable as a chewable toy for children ages 4+

Blessed Chiara Badano was born on October 29, 1971 in Sassello Italy. Her parents were overjoyed as they had prayed for 10 years hoping for the blessing of a child. Chiara was a very kind child, as young as four years old she would sort through her toys to donate to the poor. At the age of nine she joined the Catholic Focolare movement. Here her love for Jesus grew as she sought to learn about others and the value of unity. Chiara was well liked and had many friends in school. She played sports, loved to dance and when asked how she tried to bring her friends to Jesus she would say it wasn’t through words but by how she lived her life. At 17 Chiara was diagnosed with a very serious form of bone cancer. The treatments were painful and left her paralyzed. When asked if she ever hoped to walk again she would say no. In her suffering she felt close to Jesus.  She would even refuse to take pain medication that made her too sleepy to live her life. Despite her illness and inability to get out of bed Chiara wrote letters and continued to attend Focolare meetings. She inspired everyone she met by her faith, love and joy for Jesus. She gave all her savings to one friend who was leaving to become a missionary in Africa. Towards the end of her life she said “ I have nothing left, but I still have my heart, and with that I can always love.” Chiara died in 1990 and within nine years the Bishops in her dioceses started working on her canonization. Pope Benedict XVI declared her blessed in 2010 and feast day is October 29th. 

Customer Reviews

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Bridget R
Geared towards young people

This rosary product is geared towards children learning how to properly pray & practice the rosary.

Amber C.
Excellent quality

Perfect 1st Communion/Reconciliation gift for young children learning all the prayers

Bekah E
I love it!

I wasnt sure how i would like the smaller beads but I wanted to give it a try since I LOVE my silicone baby rosaries...and i think these would be perfect for elementary age kids or any special needs child or older child or adult who prefers colorful sturdy rosaries. If you are on the fence, take the chance, you might be as pleased as I was :)

Nicole Henrichs
It is perfect!

I bought this for my daughter (8years old). We are doing the Rosary every day for Lent and this was the perfect fun surprise to encourage her. She loves it. The colors are fun and bright. It is everything I could have hoped for.

Tracy Francis
Love this rosary.

The multiple colors help me 1st grader keep track of the direction she is going as she says her prayers with us.