Day 2

Day 2

"The Rosary is the book of the blind..."
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"The Rosary is the book of the blind, where souls see and there enact the greatest drama of love the world has ever known; it is the book of the simple, which initiates them into mysteries and knowledge more satisfying than the education of other men; it is the book of the aged, whose eyes close upon the shadow of this world, and open on the substance of the next. The power of the Rosary is beyond description.” ―Archbishop Fulton Sheen


The first few times I prayed the Rosary on my own, it was very simple. I was driving, thinking deeply, and moved to pray. I'd use my fingers to count and leave out the mysteries of the rosary completely because I couldn't recall what was once memorized for a 7th grade Religion test. I also didn't remember which prayers to say at the beginning, so I just dove into the first Our Father. Praying the Rosary, even so bare-bones and simply, brought me tangible peace and I began turning to it often. As the Rosary became a more regular practice for me, I desired to learn and meditate on the mysteries. A cardboard cheat-sheet made its way to my car, each mystery listed for use during my driving rosaries. Praying with the mysteries has been powerful. Sitting with each one, contemplating what it might've been like to personally witness and how it's relevant to my life today gives me welcome perspective, the opportunity to experience the life of Jesus in an intimate way, allowing me to also walk through the various liturgical seasons of the Church. Reflecting on the Joyful Mysteries I have been stricken at how connected community and celebration are to our inner lives. In the Sorrowful Mysteries we are reminded that Jesus is with us in the most difficult moments of our lives, that he has suffered for us and endured agony like we do. The Glorious Mysteries give us hope, a glimpse at the wondrous three persons of God. And then there's the Luminous Mysteries, my favorite mysteries, which are awe-inspiring, helping us to reflect on the gifts Jesus gave to us and recognize the tiny miracles we experience in our own lives. Adding a simple acknowledgement of the decades of the Rosary has added depth to the already beautiful prayers and is often through these mysteries that I hear God's voice in my life.


As you say the Rosary today, try to picture yourself present at each mystery. What difference does placing yourself there make?

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