Day 5

Day 5

"The Rosary is a prayer both so humble and simple and theologically rich in Biblical content."

― John Paul II

It was dark and quiet. My parents and siblings had just gone to sleep, and I was beginning to doze off in my bed as I noticed two shiny eyes staring at me near my closed door. There was an animal in my room. My baby sister was sleeping soundly next to me. The only thing I could think to do was to try to get my mom’s attention. We still had a baby monitor set up, so I figured my mom was in the mode of sleeping lightly while being attentive to the sounds of the monitor. I didn’t want to startle my sleeping sister or the unknown animal, so I quietly whispered, “Mom?! Mom, can you please come downstairs?” hoping she would hear my plea. Within seconds, my mom left the comfort of her bed, came down the stairs, and opened my door softly asking me what the matter was. I told her calmly and quietly, “There’s an animal in here”. Just as swiftly as she had come down the stairs, she shut my door and flew up the stairs to get my dad. Within a few more seconds, my dad came in, turned the light on, carried me and my sister out of the room, and shut himself inside to face the animal. My mom set up some pillows and blankets for me and my sister on the couch and assured us that “Dad will get it!”. We heard the commotion from the other room while my dad was moving the furniture and chasing what we found out was a flying squirrel. All the while, my mom sat with us and helped us rest.

Praying the rosary reminds me of that simple, humble, and utterly dependent whisper, “Mom?! Mom, can you please come downstairs.” Just as my mom was by my side in seconds, so too Mother Mary flies to my rescue every time I call upon her. She goes directly to the Father. She comforts and consoles me as she ensures me that the Father will take care of me. Through the Rosary, Mary helps me become more aware of the Holy Spirit and brings clarity as I am immersed in the richness of the life of Christ. Whenever I am in darkness, frozen in fear, or just don’t know what to do, I cling to the Rosary and call upon Mother Mary. She helps me open the door to allow the Father to bring light to the darkness so that he can capture the “animals” that disturb my peace and rearrange the things in my life that have allowed those “animals” to hide or take residence in my heart. She provides a peaceful place of rest as she gently teaches me about the love and mercy of her Son, Jesus. Let us be simple and humble and allow ourselves to be fully transformed by the richness of the rosary!  

Take some time to reflect on what “animals” in your life need to be brought into the light. How can you practice simplicity and humility in times of fear or brokenness?