Day 6

Day 6

"Be devoted to Mary most holy; frequently call on Her. Never was it known that anyone who trustingly had recourse to Her was not promptly heard."
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"Be devoted to Mary most holy; frequently call on Her. Never was it known that anyone who trustingly had recourse to Her was not promptly heard." ― St. John Bosco

If you’ve been around for a while, you might know that I have gone through a really difficult season where my husband and I suffered three miscarriages right in a row and, to make a long story short, wound up in a very dark place. The Lord, in His really gentle and beautiful way, began to call me back to pray the daily Rosary. But I didn't listen to this calling without putting up a fight, which ultimately resulted in the Lord winning over my heart and the inspiration of the creation of this company! But that's a story for another time.

 The little ones we’ve lost have truly shaped my personal faith. My journey through grief into healing is really the genesis story of this company that I’ve been blessed to be able to share on many stages around the world! Not a day goes by when the gaps left in my family don’t catch my attention. But now, after 7 losses, when I remember what’s missing― who’s missing― the first wave of emotion that hits is no longer grief. Instead of the cold shock of grief, I feel the embrace of gratitude. If you didn’t already know, Our Blessed Mother has made 15 promises to whoever recites the daily Rosary. We will dive into those later, but the 6th promise always stands out to me; “Whoever shall recite the Rosary devoutly shall never be conquered by misfortune." The truth is, I was nearly conquered. I all but abandoned my faith in my despair, but it was our gentle Mother who came into the wilderness of my depression to find me. Through the recitation of the rosary, she led me back to the heart of the Father. There, I discovered that even when I ran from Him, His heart had broken along with mine and that every step of the way He was providing for us. God never promises we won’t struggle or suffer but He has provided us with a guide to prevent it from ruining us. He sent us a gentle Mother to do what Mother’s do best... hold us, kiss away the tears, bandage us up, and bring us to the Father. So today, while my heart is still sad for those little ones I don’t get to hold, I see the darkness I was rescued from, and I know the Light that *always* comes and I am overwhelmed with gratitude. 

We spend so much time and energy running our struggles over and over in our mind and thinking about how it all might go wrong or feeling angry for all that did go wrong. Reflect on a time you were faced with a rough situation and worried about how bad something could be. Look back on those hard times and ask God, "Where in my heart were you working to make sure that, as hard as it got, it didn’t conquer me?"

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