St. Lucy

St. Lucy

Like St. Philomena, much of the history of the life of St. Lucy has been lost, but it is known that her death came during the time of christian persecution by the Diocletians in the early 4th century. After her death her veneration spread rapidly in Rome leading to many legends of her bravery. This is one of them. 

Early on in Lucy’s life she vowed to live her life for Christ. Her Mom, while not living a christian life and very ill, did not agree with Lucy’s vow and attempted to arrange a marriage. Lucy was troubled by her mothers actions and spent many hours in prayer at the tomb of St. Agatha. Through her prayers her mothers illness was healed and she was convinced Christ was the better life partner for Lucy. 

Unfortunately her rejected groom was not understanding and was moved to anger by the strength of Lucy’s faith. Being a ranking member of the government, he tried to take Lucy away but by the strength of her faith she couldn’t be moved, even by a team of oxen. Angered even more he heaped bundles of wood at Lucy’s feet but she couldn’t be burned. Eventually her martyrdom came by the sword. 

Lucy means light or light bearer and she is the patron saint of the blind and eye disease. Her feast day is celebrated December 13th. 

A Prayer to St. Lucy

Relying on Your goodness, 

O God, we humbly ask You, 

through the intercession of Saint Lucy,

Virgin and Martyr, 

to give perfect vision to our eyes, 

that they may serve for Your greater honor and glory. 

Saint Lucy, hear our prayers and obtain our petitions.


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