The Amazing Story of St. Christopher

The Amazing Story of St. Christopher

 St. Christopher is one of the most popular saints in the church. Most of what we know about St. Christopher is legend although it is believed he was a martyr under Emperor Decius in 255 AD. According to tradition, St. Christopher was very tall and by some accounts a giant!

One of his stories goes like this: Christopher decided he wanted to serve the greatest king in all the land. So he went to his local ruler to enter his service. There Christopher noticed that the king crossed himself when someone spoke of the devil. Christopher then reasoned that the devil was more powerful than the king and that he should work for him. He went off and found a band of thieves, the leader referred to himself as the devil.

But when he avoided a Christian cross, Christopher learned there was someone even more powerful he needed to serve. He found a hermit that told him all about Christ, the King of Kings.

The hermit suggested that Christopher spend his life in prayer and fasting. This did not sound like something he could do and so the hermit told him he needed to find something else that would be pleasing to God. Christopher suggested that he could work at the nearby river and help travelers cross safely as it was a very dangerous river.

The hermit agreed that this would be pleasing to the Lord. One day, a child approached Christopher and asked for his aid to cross the waters. Christopher agreed and as he walked across the child grew heavier and heavier. It took all of his strength to get him and the child across the water safely.

When they reached the other side Christopher asked the child why he was so heavy. The child explained that he was Christ and when St. Christopher carried him; he carried the whole weight of the world on his shoulders.

After that, the child vanished. Christopher means Christ-Bearer and his feast day is July 25th.

He is the patron saint of travelers and children. 


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