The Third Sorrow

The Third Sorrow

By Bethany Bell

Before becoming a Mom I used to read this sorrow through the eyes of an Aunt and think how terrible it would be to lose a child. Now that I am a Mom, I read this sorrow with terror. My 2 year old son walked out of my sight once while I was putting groceries in the house and I couldn’t find him. My body went into a full panic! I found him about 5 minutes later hiding in a corner of our entryway. I was in tears when I found him, tears of relief, tears of joy, tears of self doubt. 

I’ve often thought of that incident when I reflect on this third sorrow of Mary. I can so easily relate that incident to how she must have felt. I thought about how in a moment such as that, though prayers are rushing through your head, you don’t think to join that sorrow with our Blessed Mothers, so what should we glean from this sorrow. As I meditated more I realized it encompasses so much more than just physically losing your child. It made me think about other ways you can lose a child. Losing them to worldly things and ideals and being drawn away from faith and how they can “lose” Christ to pursue those material things and ideals that they may feel is important. 

Then my meditation became introspective, how often do I “lose” Jesus because of sin? How often do I take the easy or sinful path? More often then I would like to admit and it brings me sorrow. And so I join Mary in her sorrow and ask her to guide me to always seek out God and do God’s Holy Will first and foremost, the way Jesus did when He left His family for those three days.


- Mary 


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