Saints Therese & Joan of Arc

Saints Therese & Joan of Arc

While most would think of these two Saints as the most unlikely pair, St. Therese had a great devotion to St. Joan of Arc, especially in relating her time of sickness to Joan’s time in prison, making them Saint Besties. At a young age little Therese learned the story of St. Joan of Arc was inspired by pursuits on the battlefield and this eventually had a great impact on her vocation. 

“[In] my admiration of the patriotic deeds of the heroines of France, especially of the Venerable Joan of Arc, I longed to do what they had done. About this time I received what I have looked on as one of the greatest graces of my life, for, at that age, I was not favored with lights from Heaven, as I am now. Our Lord made me understand that the only true glory is that which lasts forever; and that to attain it there is no necessity to do brilliant deeds, but rather to hide from the eyes of others, and even from oneself, so that “the left hand knows not what the right hand does.” Then, as I reflected that I was born for great things, and sought the means to attain them, it was made known to me interiorly that my personal glory would never reveal itself before the eyes of men, but that it would consist in becoming a Saint.” (From her autobiography)

In her resolution to do great deeds by becoming a hidden saint, Therese entered the Carmelites and lived out the rest of her life in the cloister. Here he maintained his saintly friendship with Joan as her desire to imitate her heroism continued. She explained: 

“I would like to accomplish the most heroic deeds–the spirit of the Crusader burns within me, and I long to die on the field of battle in defense of the Holy Church.”

One a crusader on a battlefield, one a carmelite on the battlefield of her own heart. Both were filled with the same zeal for souls and for their Catholic Faith.


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