Stella Maris | Triple Stretch & Wrap Rosary Bracelet
Stella Maris | Triple Stretch & Wrap Rosary Bracelet


Stella Maris | Triple Stretch & Wrap Rosary Bracelet

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This beautiful gemstone rosary bracelet features Sodalite beads as the paters and blue Goldstone beads as the aves. Each of our stretch and wrap rosary bracelets is a full rosary.  Each bracelet also includes a “bookmark” crucifix medal.  This medal is moveable and can help you keep track of where you are at in your rosary as you pray throughout your day.

Each bracelet is strung on durable elastic making it easy to stretch and wrap around your wrist without fear of snapping it.

This bracelet is named “Stella Maris” which is Latin for “Star of the Sea.” This is one of the many titles given to Mary, the Mother of Christ. Mary is our guide on our journey to Christ. We can look to her as we maneuver the tumultuous waters of life. The Goldstone beads of this bracelet are dark but have a beautiful sparkle when held to the light. When you look at them, recall our Mother Mary. Ask her to guide you and lead you to her Son.

Customer Reviews

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Beautiful reminder to consistently pray

I’m so pleased with this purchase! It’s so beautiful and very comfortable to wear. Added bonus, wearing the bracelet has given rise to evangelization. The Holy Spirit works in incredible ways.

Carolyn Godlewski
Beautiful bracelet

This rosary bracelet is beautiful and of high quality. The goldstone beads have some weight to them, and they have a touch of sparkle in the light. The dark navy blue color is elegant and practical. A great way to make sure that you have a rosary handy for prayer!

Rebecca Desporte
Absolutely love the triple wrap

This rosary is stunning. I absolutely love it and I have purchased almost all of the smaller stretch and wrap rosaries. When I discovered the triple wrap, I couldn’t have been more thrilled because when I take it off to pray the rosary, i love the larger beads and how it opens and is easier for me to pray with. I immediately bought the other one, Mary, Mediatrix of Grace. All of the Chews Life Rosary bracelets are beautiful and the quality of each one is absolutely amazing!

Beautiful and great quality

Beads are absolutely perfect, lovely colors, every detail is just well thought through.
Highly recommended!

Dianne Smyth
I’ve worn this every day.

When I received this I was afraid to wrap it around three times because I was afraid it would break. After I got the nerve it seemed to stretch a little and now it’s perfect and nice to be able to whip it off if I need to pray a Chaplet.
The Hail Mary beads have a sparkle that doesn’t show up online. The Crucifix got caught on a lacy top I was wearing but I tucked it under and it was fine. I’ve worn this every day since I bought it. I’ll buy another one I’m sure.

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