Stella Maris | Triple Stretch & Wrap Rosary Bracelet
Stella Maris | Triple Stretch & Wrap Rosary Bracelet


Stella Maris | Triple Stretch & Wrap Rosary Bracelet

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The Stella Maris bracelet incorporates the beautiful blue Goldstone beads and blue sodalite beads.

This stunning piece keeps your rosary close at hand all day, making it that much easier to pray whenever you get the chance.  The moveable charm functions like a bookmark, keeping your place in case you're interrupted mid-rosary -- just pick up where you left off whenever the opportunity arises!   This triple stretch and wrap rosary bracelet is a medium/large fit.

This bracelet is strung on the extremely durable elastic.  However, it is not covered under the Chews Life Lifetime Repair or Replacement Guarantee.  Please note that bead color may vary slightly from picture due to natural variations in the beads used. 

This bracelet is not a teething toy and should be kept out of the reach of babies and small children. 

*The cross bead, Crucifix and medal style may vary

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