Be The One - Interview Series

Be The One - Interview Series

For most of her ministry, St. Mother Teresa carried with her, a prayer card with an image of Christ on the cross and the verse Ps 69:20 “I sought the one that would console me and found no one.” Underneath that text, Mother Teresa wrote, “Be the One”. Her entire ministry was focused around this simple call, to Be the one to console the heart of Jesus with love.

We’ll be launching a new series of interviews with Catholic leaders, aimed at helping all of us answer God’s call to “Be the One”.

Our first interview is with Meg Hunter-Kilmer! I met Meg a few years ago at a retreat that Bonnie Engstrom organized. That weekend was so powerfully beautiful! The Lord made so many connections, both in my own spiritual life, and also real life connections with women who would become dear friends! Chief among them was Meg! Her captivating story telling, her love for the Saints, and her honest insights into Church life and prayer will certainly set you on the path to become one of the Saints future generations will tell stories about!

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