Pro-Life Testimonies

Pro-Life Testimonies

Every life is sacred.  Every life has value, worth, dignity.  We want to honor every life.  We want to support anyone in need.  Please reach out to us if you or someone you know needs prayers, support, or advice.  We don't just want to say we support life, we want to actually support life.

Stacey's Story

"You have options"... the appropriate, modern day response to a mother experiencing a surprise pregnancy. Not, "Congratulations, babies are a blessing”, or a simple "How can I support you and your baby during this challenging time?" To a mother who is already unsure about what her future holds, and in such a vulnerable state, “you have options” sounds cold and harsh. It feels unsympathetic and that the only answer is not one that contains hope. If we want to change the culture of death, we need to start by supporting the heart of the mother, and not by compromising the life of another. The mother needs to know that she is loved and supported, and her natural, innate love she already has for the little life she created, is real and wanted! That the little life she created will not ruin her life, but instead, will bring joy amidst suffering. While some babies are a surprise, no baby is an accident. And ALL babies are wanted. Every baby is intimately and uniquely designed by God.
My mother was a surprise pregnancy. I don’t know the woman who chose life and gave birth to her, and I don’t know what kind of support she had when she decided to give her baby up for adoption. I will mostly likely never know all the details to the story, but I am beyond grateful for this woman. She was a teenage girl who found herself pregnant and decided she wasn’t in a place where she could give her baby the care she needed. I’ve never met her, but she has affected my life greatly because of her decision. In fact, I have life because of her decision, and so do my children. My grandparents were unable to conceive children of their own. They adopted my mother, who became my mother. It is wild for me to think of the ripple effect one person’s decision can have on a multitude of people! 
We need to turn a culture of death into a culture of life! And we can start by bringing hope to women who feel like they are in a state of hopelessness. Encouraging death through abortion does not bring hope. It brings more grief to an already troubled heart. So let's stop listing off the options and start by telling these mothers that God can heal and transform anything into something beautiful!


Mariah's Story

The anniversary of Roe v. Wade was last week. This past weekend the national March for Life took place (virtually). Every year, I find so much hope in the number of people that participate in the March for Life. Seeing how many people want to speak up for the voiceless makes me think that someday maybe ALL life will be protected.
This quotation from Scripture is one that I recall often in my own prayer. It reminds me that God wants me to exist. He knew me before I was even conceived. He knew what my purpose was and He wants me to fulfill my purpose. This quotation often found its way into my thoughts while I was pregnant. I wanted so badly to know the little boy that had been growing in me since the day he was conceived. I imagined what he would look like, what his interests would be, and what he would do with his life. God knew all of that already. Before He even formed him in my womb, He knew him.
I have been a part of my son's life since the moment he was conceived. I have been with him every single day. I've watched him grow. And yet, God knows him better.
Every person is known. Every person is loved. Every person has dignity and worth. We are all called to love as God loves, so let us fight for every single person and their right to life.


Cindy's Story

I wanted to share some other thoughts on how being open to life is not always easy, but it is bigger than any comfortable plans we make for ourselves!
We chose to be open to our new baby, Naomi’s existence. We have 3 very healthy older kids. As we learned about her heart condition I found myself wondering and asking God “Why?” Why, if he was changing the dynamic of our family with a blessing, would he give us a little girl with a heart condition?! Would she survive? If she does, will her heart function properly? Her little heart grew two times the size it was supposed to be by the time we realized she had a heart condition, which caused it to endure great stress. Why would God give me a baby who doesn’t work properly?

I feel like God was speaking through my friends who helped reinforce a message I needed to hear in the thick of it. They said that she needs my husband and me as parents, she needs me as a mom. She is supposed to be here in the world for as long as God wants her here, and we are the ones God has chosen to get her through this! We chose life and he chose us! And wow, I’m floored to think of it that way! What an honor! What an honor to take care of Naomi for as long as He wills any of our lives here. I want to stay in a mindset of wonder and awe to be Naomi’s mom. God give me the grace to best raise Naomi Grace and her sisters! May God fill all of our hearts with the grace we need so we can best serve those in our lives.


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