Remain in the Grace of God

Remain in the Grace of God

By Cindy Sieler

“Begin again, Jesus.  I trust in You.  I want to begin again with my full trust in You!"

Recently, my parish priest was so kind and offered the Sacrament of Confession to me (and my family) outside. This was incredible for such a lovely day.  Funny enough, rain came earlier than predicted, and it started to downpour during Confession.  God was washing away my sin, I guess.  “But didn’t the excess rain seem a bit dramatic, God?” Just kidding.  I am so incredibly grateful for those torrential outpourings of mercy.  

When it was my turn for Confession, our parish priest let me stand under the awning only big enough for one person, so I handed him my daughter’s umbrella in order for him to stay dry. As we went through my confession, he asked me if I knew what was at the root of my sins.  I realized that I did not know and I needed to reflect on it. The priest emphasized that I needed to stay in God’s grace, and trust in Jesus. We talked about the stress that can come from putting our trust in idols, whether it’s material things, people in leadership, or even relationships with other people.  No person or thing is God. Nothing else will fulfill us. When we place our trust in false idols, it can come out in the form of anxiety (Lead us not into anxiety.) that can cause us to sin.

Logically, I know that God reigns and no idol would ever fulfill me like He does. However, I don’t actually KNOW and LIVE that without the continued grace of God. He has infinite grace ready for us, especially in the Sacraments.  Sacraments that God makes so available to us in His goodness.  

The Sacrament of Confession this week helped me begin again. It brought me the grace and peace of trusting in Jesus. I know I am a sinner and will need to keep asking for forgiveness.  Thank God for His infinite love and grace. The priest reminded me how important it is to remain in God’s grace! 

What ways do you remain in God’s grace? How has His grace helped you begin again?

We hope that you will join us as we Reflect, Beseech, and Begin Again.  If you haven't already, check out our other blogs from this series.

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