Saint Elizabeth of Hungary

Saint Elizabeth of Hungary

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Born in 1207 to the King of Hungary Elizabeth chose to live a life of penance and asceticism. She was married at the age of 14 to Louis of Thuringia and they had three children. Louis died while fighting in the crusades just six years later and Elizabeth was heartbroken. A widow at 20 she spent most of her days feeding the poor and caring for the sick. Her spiritual director was a Franciscan and so Elizabeth followed the examples of St Francis and St Claire. She had a hospital built in their honor and after joining the Secular Franciscan Order she spent the remainder of her short life serving there. Elizabeth died at the age of 24 and because of her pious life serving the poor and sick she had won the hearts of her people and was canonized just four years later. Her feast day is November 17th and she’s the patron saint of bakers, the Secular Fransician Order and Catholic Charities.


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