Our unique Rosary Bracelet pulls double duty as a rosary and an essential oil diffuser. The porous lava stone Our Father beads absorb your favorite essential oil, slowly diffusing it for you. The unique movable crucifix charm functions like a bookmark, keeping your place in case you're interrupted mid-rosary, helping any busy woman pull the moments scattered throughout her day into an entire rosary.  

Our Rosary Bracelets feature:

  • Our own "prayer bookmark" moveable charm;
  • semi-precious gemstones;
  • oil-diffusing porous stone (some styles);
  • durable, flexible stainless steel memory wire, that holds its shape;
  • feature a movable crucifix charm that acts like a bookmark, keeping your place; 
  • are a beautiful, tactile piece that is right at hand to remind you to bring your day to Our Lady.
  • This rosary bracelet is artisan-made in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

Like all our other products, our rosary bracelets carry a lifetime repair or replacement guarantee.

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Amazing & Enriching

Kathryn on Oct 28th 2018

This rosary bracelet is enriching my prayer life. The Ave beads are the most beautifully patterned gray and white. Being able to put essential oils on the Pater beads is such a nice touch! Thanks, ChewsLife!

Stunning Rosary Bracelet

Natalie on Jul 30th 2018

This rosary bracelet is gorgeous and I am so glad I purchased it. The blue beads are absorbent so you can use essential oils to enhance your prayer experience. The movable piece helps you keep your place if your prayers are interrupted. This item would make a wonderful gift to yourself or someone else.

Great Quality

Gloria on May 18th 2018

I get so many compliments on this rosary bracelet and i love seeing peoples expression when i tell them you can add essential oils to the Lord's prayer beads


Lori on Apr 2nd 2018

They were prompt with the delivery. The bracelet is beautiful. This is a great company to order from.

Simply incredible

Elisabeth on Mar 3rd 2018

Wow, how even to begin? The gorgeous beads' color is so versatile with outfits, and the diffuser beads absorb the EO so well! Sturdy, calming, and worth every penny! Highly recommend.


Holly on Feb 26th 2018

I really love this rosary bracelet, and the movable charm. Seeing it on my wrists reminds me to pray the rosary when I have a free moment, and I also love to be able to put a drop of oil on the beads.


Mandy Jo on Feb 13th 2018

I am so incredibly glad that I got this rosary bracelet. It is amazing. The colors are incredibly peaceful and the ability to utilize essential oils is so nice. I have been struggling with stress and anxiety but this has definitely helped me to re-focus on what is necessary. It also helps me to say the rosary throughout the day, one decade at a time by simply moving the cross to where I left off. Awesome product!


Nicole on Dec 14th 2017

This is an awesome rosary. Very neat that you can put essential oil around it also!