Damien Silicone Rosary | Summer Exclusive | Limited Edition
Damien Silicone Rosary | Summer Exclusive | Limited Edition
Damien Silicone Rosary | Summer Exclusive | Limited Edition


Damien Silicone Rosary | Summer Exclusive | Limited Edition

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Our soft rosaries feature: 

  • Our own chewy cross and saint medal
  • Sturdy organic cotton cord
  • Snap clasp for safe release
  • CPSIA-certified
  • Third-party lab safety-tested
  • FDA-certified, food-grade silicone
  • Lifetime guarantee
  • Artisan-made in Michigan, USA

This delightful silicone Rosary reminds us of a summer sky with its light blue beads.  We named this Rosary for St. Damien Molokai.  

Damien was born in Belgium in the year 1840 and was the youngest of seven children. He grew up on a farm and was prepared to take over for his family, but truly desired to enter the religious life instead.

When he was finally old enough Damien joined the Congregation of the Sacred  Heart of Jesus and Mary like his older brother. In 1864 his older brother was ordered to Hawaii, but  his brother became ill and Damien offered to go in his place. 

Brother Damien arrived in Hawaii in March of 1864. He was ordained a priest two months later. For nine years he worked on the island as a priest doing God’s work. In 1866 Hawaii established a leper colony. It was mistakenly believed that leprosy was highly contagious, and this belief resulted in the forced quarantine of anyone who had it. These people still needed both medical and spiritual help so Fr. Damien discerned his call to serve them. In 1873 he made the trip to the colony. When he arrived he found chaos and anarchy. Fr. Damien provided the leadership this colony so desperately needed. He asked them to come together to build homes and a church, Saint Philomena, which still stands today. He was supposed to only work with the colony for a little while, but it became his home. Fr. Damien grew attached to the people and the work and was granted permission to stay. Leprosy was not contagious like most people assumed, but there is 5% of the population who are susceptible. Father Damien was one of that 5%. He contracted leprosy in 1885 after several years of work. He continued to work as his body began to fail him. He found his strength in prayer and devotion. He often went to the cemetery to pray the Rosary and spent time with the Eucharistic Lord. "It is at the foot of the altar that we find the strength we need in our isolation," he wrote.

After 16 years in the colony he succumbed to leprosy on April 15th, 1889. His body was first buried there and then transported back to Belgium in 1923. His right hand was returned to Hawaii in 1995 and is buried in the original location. He was canonized by Pope Benedict XI on October 11th, 2009. 

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