Marianne Silicone Rosary | Summer Exclusive | Limited Edition
Marianne Silicone Rosary | Summer Exclusive | Limited Edition
Marianne Silicone Rosary | Summer Exclusive | Limited Edition


Marianne Silicone Rosary | Summer Exclusive | Limited Edition

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Our soft rosaries feature: 

  • Our own chewy cross and saint medal
  • Sturdy organic cotton cord
  • Snap clasp for safe release
  • CPSIA-certified
  • Third-party lab safety-tested
  • FDA-certified, food-grade silicone
  • Lifetime guarantee
  • Artisan-made in Michigan, USA

This beautiful silicone Rosary is sunny and delightful with its different yellow hues.  It is named after St. Marianne Cope who is most known for her missionary work on the islands of Hawaii.  She was actually born in Germany and then immigrated with her family to New York where she grew up, attended school, and eventually joined the religious life.  For twenty years, Marianne served as a religious in the state of New York.  Most of her work was done within schools and hospitals.  In fact, she helped found two Catholic hospitals.  Eventually though Marianne went with six other sisters to Hawaii to care for those suffering from leprosy.  When asked to do this work, Marianne responded, "I am hungry for the work and I wish with all my heart to be one of the chosen Ones, whose privilege it will be, to sacrifice themselves for the salvation of the souls of the poor islanders...I am not afraid of any disease, hence it would be my greatest delight even to minister to the abandoned lepers."

She did much work serving the lepers in Hawaii.  With the other sisters, they opened two separate hospitals for those with leprosy.  They faced many different challenges and adversity.  After being in Hawaii for four years, Marianne was asked to establish a women and girls home.  A year later, Marianne moved to Molokai, Hawaii to care for the dying Father Damien.  After his death Marianne took over caring for the boys on the island.  Round that time, a donor stepped forward to offer the money to build a new girls school.

On August 9, 1918, Marianne died of natural causes.  Her remains are now enshrined at the Cathedral Basilica of Our Lady of Peace in Honolulu, Hawaii.  She was canonized by Pope Benedict XVI on October 21, 2012.

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